With his half-human, half-animal children and his aesthetic less gloomy than what the post-apocalyptic genre had accustomed us to, Sweet tooth offers us an offbeat and welcome reflection on the pandemic crisis we are going through. This fantastic series is on Netflix.

A pandemic without a cure. Theories of the conspiracy that go downhill. Apocalyptic consequences. Sweet tooth of Netflix brings together all the “what if?” nightmares that have kept us awake for over a year in a fantasy series where darkness and despair oppose innocence and hope – with antlers.

Narrated in voiceover by actor James Brolin, produced by Susan and Robert Downey Jr., created by Jim Mickle, and toured New Zealand before and during the pandemic, the streaming platform’s latest series, online since June 4, adapted from the eponymous comics by Jeff Lemire published by DC Comics [et traduits en français chez Dargaud]. Some had described the comic as a cross between Mad Max and Bambi, and the same can be said of the television series.

A terrible but beautiful world

For eight episodes, we find ourselves in the world after the “Great Collapse”. A mysterious epidemic has wiped out much of the human species. I know, we don’t really want to watch anything involving masks and quarantine at the moment (other than maybe a special where Meghan and Harry are saying everything / not revealing


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The giant of the west coast. Founded in 1881, it is the most left-wing of the country’s strongest daily newspapers and a leading specialist in social issues and the entertainment industry. It was not until the 1940s that he became the


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