AWhen news broke that former Disney child star Kyle Massey had been charged with a felony for allegedly sending explicit photos and videos of himself to a 13-year-old girl on Snapchat, his camp attempted to ‘overturn the criminal investigation as a plot to extort a disgruntled mother with whom Massey is believed to have had a previous relationship.

But The Daily Beast spoke to several women who say they also communicated with Massey, 29, as a teenager in high school through various social media apps, including Snapchat and Instagram.

Their interactions with the actor date back to 2012. While some of the conversations were harmless in nature, other accounts suggest that Massey used to frequently communicate with minors in inappropriate ways.

Aubrey Burrough recalled how she and her friends, ages 17-18, often used Massey’s Snapchat as a joke after finding her nickname on Tumblr in 2012. Massey often opened their messages and sometimes replied, she said.

The Daily Beast reviewed a Snapchat video sent to one of Burrough’s friends by Massey, which responded to a twerking video the male friend sent to the actor. Massey is seen filming himself in the mirror, giving him the “OK” hand sign, in humorous approval.

“Definitely really scary looking back, but not something I’ve given much thought to since,” Burrough explained. “We used to do it as a joke and never send anything really explicit, but seeing how many times he would open them and sometimes respond, that doesn’t surprise me. [that he had other communications with minors]. “

Others have had more worrying interactions with Massey.

A woman, who wished to remain anonymous, claimed to have once sent a suggestive photo of a 15-year-old posing in a sports bra to Massey, who opened the photo but did not block it. minor user. He continued to accept and open photos of the teenager afterwards, sometimes responding to various messages.

“She was so clearly a minor when we would have sent this,” she said, noting that she now feels horrified that she ever sent such a photo of a young friend to a grown man.

Jennifer DeMattei said she and her friends try to get the attention of random celebrities by including them in group Instagram posts. In November 2015, they added Massey to one of these cats. Massey, then 23, struck up a new conversation with the 15-year-olds, calling them “sexy ladies,” according to a screenshot of the post reviewed by The Daily Beast.

DeMattei said there was no doubt they were still in high school and underage on the girls page.

An Los Angeles-based model, who wished to remain anonymous, said Massey was “incredibly creepy and arrogant” to her as she lived in an apartment complex he frequented. The woman said she ended up blocking Massey to avoid his constant advances.

The accusation against Massey comes just days after 34-year-old Nickelodeon actor Drake Bell pleaded guilty in Ohio to charges relating to inappropriately messaging a 15-year-old fan in December 2017.

Massey claimed on Wednesday that he had only been informed that he had been charged with the crime (communicating with a minor for immoral purposes) by the media. The charge was laid in King County, Wash., On July 14, and Massey missed his indictment on Monday, court documents showed.

Prosecutors accuse Massey of sending explicit messages to the girl via Snapchat between December 2018 and January 2019. He allegedly exposed his penis in some of the videos he sent to the minor, according to police who viewed the explicit material. from a mother’s USB stick. submitted as proof.

Angel Massey, the mother of It’s so Raven and Cory is at home actor, quickly took to Instagram to rail against the victim’s mother, revealing her and the minor’s identity in the process.

Angel Massey, the mother of the That’s So Raven and Cory’s in the House actor, quickly took to Instagram to rail against the victim’s mother, revealing her and the minor’s identity in the process.

Angel recounted how the Washington woman sued Massey in March 2019 for $ 1.5 million for the same claims, but the lawsuit was dropped by the family because she didn’t think Massey had “enough money to make the case worth it, “according to the police statement mentioned in the criminal record against Massey.

The lawsuit claimed Massey had known the victim since he was 4 years old and presented himself as a “father figure to her”. The young girl and her family are said to have stayed in touch with Massey because the little girl was interested in pursuing a career in the entertainment industry.

In November 2018, their communications increased because the girl was interested in getting a role in a rebooted version of Disney. Cory at home. Massey encouraged the 13-year-old to move to Los Angeles to stay with him and his girlfriend, according to the lawsuit. It was around this time that Massey reportedly sent the teenager explicit messages, photos and videos on Snapchat.

Kyle Massey and the cast of It’s so Raven


But Angel alleged the 2019 lawsuit was a ploy to squeeze Massey out of a small fortune, claiming Massey started a relationship with the victim’s mother at the age of 16, which spanned several years on and off. Describing the mother as “despised,” Angel claimed Massey sent her the explicit photos.

In a statement through his attorney, Lee Hutton, Massey said the allegations against him were extortionate, however failed to say definitively that his client was innocent of any fault.

“It is unfortunate that Kyle Massey had to learn from the media yesterday that the 2019 allegations resurfaced in Washington state a year after their sacking,” Hutton said in a statement. (Hutton did not respond to a request for comment.)

“Massey has never been properly served or served as represented in court and the pleadings are prima facie procedurally and substantively deficient. Massey intends to aggressively defend these charges again and will seek civil damages from those who refuse to hear the facts. “

“We plan to call for an early dismissal, finally putting an end to these extortion attempts,” he added.

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