If the gluttony of Chihiro’s parents has earned them to be transformed into pigs, this is not the case in real life! Fortunately, because Miyazaki’s films, in addition to their graphic and narrative geniuses, also highlight the most tempting dishes. The opportunity also for us to discover the flavors of the land of the rising sun.

Always keen to bring even more content to its subscribers, the Netflix streaming platform has therefore decided to open a new program entitled “Show Front”Which teaches you how to cook a recipe from a movie. Here it is Mory sacko by Top Chef who gives the “la” and who explains step by step one of the key recipes of the animated film “Spirited Away”: The Bao Buns!

Some films make you very hungry. Fortunately, there is Show in front! A film, a recipe. And in this episode, Mory Sacko teaches us how to cook… The baos of Spirited Away 🥢 Yum yum yum.

These small steamed red bean pasta balls are delicious treats: now it’s your turn!

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