The popularity of “Bridgerton” and “Lupine” on Netflix cannot be denied. The two series – launched at the end of December and the beginning of January respectively – still feature in the top 10 of the platform’s most popular programs in France in February. At the top of the ranking, however, we find a novelty: the series “Always there for you”, carried by Katherine Heigl and Sarah Chalke, which was the most watched series on the platform for twelve non-consecutive days in February.

On the film side, two titles uploaded during the month topped the daily charts for seven days each: the third installment of the “To all the boys” saga and “I Care a Lot”, the comedy which won a Golden Globes at its lead actress Rosamund Pike. But, according to the monthly ranking that we publish, the most popular film of February is actually the French comedy “En passant pécho”.

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Based on data from FlixPatrol, Business Insider France has compiled a top 10 comprising both films and series which, while it does not accurately show how many people have watched them, gives an indication of which most popular programs of the month.

FlixPatrol uses the top 10 updated daily by Netflix by giving a number of points to each movie and series according to its place in the ranking. By adding these points, the site can give a trend over a period ranging from a week to a year.

Here are the most popular movies and series in France on Netflix in February:

10. ‘Fate: The Winx Saga’ – Series

Points: 93

Synopsis: “In Alféa, a magical boarding school, friends determined to master their powers continue their studies of the supernatural while discovering rivalry and love.”

9. ‘Ohana or the Hidden Treasure’ – Film

Points: 98

Synopsis: “On vacation in O’ahu for the summer, a brother and sister from Brooklyn reconnect with their Hawaiian roots and their family by setting out in search of a lost treasure.”

8. ‘Mon Amie Adèle’ – Series

Points: 105

Synopsis: “A single mother is caught up in a game of manipulation after having an affair with her boss, a psychiatrist, and getting closer to his mysterious wife.”

7. ‘To All the Boys: Forever and Ever’ – Film

Points: 114

Synopsis: “For Lara Jean, who has just returned from a family trip to Korea, it’s priority to her last year of high school and her college future … with or without Peter.”

6. ‘Riverdale’ – Series

Weekly broadcast.

Points: 138

Synopsis: “Navigating the murky waters of sex, love, education and family, Archie and his friends find themselves in the midst of a mysterious affair.”

5. ‘By the way pécho’ – Film

Points: 150

Synopsis: “In Paris, two drug dealers in galley are counting on family ties to relaunch their business. A crazy comedy inspired by the cult web series.”

4. ‘The Bridgertons Chronicle’ – Series

Points: 145

Synopsis: “The eight children of the close-knit Bridgertons seek love and happiness in high London society. Based on Julia Quinn’s bestsellers.”

3. ‘Snowpiercer’ – Series

Weekly broadcast.

Points: 150

Synopsis: “The Earth has frozen and the last humans survive aboard a giant train that circles the globe. But coexistence is harsh in this fragile microcosm.”

2. ‘Lupine’ – Series

Points: 185

Synopsis: “Inspired by the adventures of Arsène Lupine, the burglar gentleman Assane Diop decides to avenge his father for a terrible injustice.”

1. ‘Always there for you’ – Series

Points: 207

Synopsis: “Tully and Kate, best friends in the world, go through the ups and downs of life supporting each other, bonded in adolescence.”

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