Netflix subscribers in France are passionate about the journey of serial killer Charles Sobhraj. The British series “The Serpent”, with Tahar Rahim in the lead role, is indeed the most popular program in April on the streaming platform, according to data from Flixpatrol. “The Snake” led the daily top 10 playoffs for 11 days, 7 of which were in a row. The series has since been replaced by “Shadow and Bone”, which trustees the first place since the day after its release on April 23. As FlixPatrol’s methodology favors programs released earlier, it does not appear in the monthly top 10, however – but could be included in the May rankings if its success is confirmed.

On the film side, the top-ranked feature film is “Madame Claude”, which topped the daily top 10 for an entire week. Just behind, we find “Love and Monsters”. The post-apocalyptic comedy worn by Dylan O’Brien (“Teen Wolf”, “The Labyrinth”) topped the daily ranking of most viewed movies for eight consecutive days.

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FlixPatrol uses the top 10 updated daily by Netflix by giving a number of points to each movie and series according to its place in the ranking. By adding these points, the site can give a trend over a period ranging from a week to a year.

Based on data from FlixPatrol, Business Insider France has compiled a top 10 comprising both films and series which, while it does not accurately show how many people have watched them, gives an indication of which most popular programs of the month.

Here are the most popular movies and series in France on Netflix in April:

10. ‘The Irregulars of Baker Street’ – Series

Points: 106

Synopsis: “In Victorian London, a gang of marginalized youth are investigating a series of supernatural crimes for Dr Watson and his dark partner, Sherlock Holmes.”

9. ‘Blade Runner 2049’ – Movie

Points: 109

Synopsis: “The contents of a grave caught the attention of a major industrialist and prompted Agent K, a LA police blade runner, to follow in the trail of a missing legend.”

8. ‘The Walking Dead’ – Series

Points: 126

Synopsis: “In an apocalyptic world under the influence of zombies, survivors gather to fight for their survival and to preserve their humanity.”

7. ‘Love and Monsters’ – Movie

Points: 146

Synopsis: “Seven years after surviving the apocalypse and the monster invasion, the hapless Joel leaves his cozy underground bunker to find his ex.”

5 tie. ‘Hansel and Gretel, Secret Agents’ – Film

Points: 149

Synopsis: “Now secret agents, the characters in Hansel and Gretel’s famous tale mobilize magic, intelligence and teamwork to find a missing king.”

5 tie. ‘Madame Claude’ – Film

Points: 149

Synopsis: “In the Paris of the 1960s, Madame Claude’s influence goes far beyond her sex empire. But the arrival of a wealthy young recruit threatens to turn everything upside down.”

4. ‘Ginny & Georgia’ – Series

Points: 157

Synopsis: “Georgia, a nonconformist mother, is moving north with her children Ginny and Austin to make a fresh start. But their journey will not be without pitfalls.”

3. ‘The 100’ – Series

Points: 220

Synopsis: “A century after a nuclear apocalypse on Earth, 100 inhabitants of a space station are sent back to the blue planet to see if it has become habitable again.”

2. ‘Who killed Sara?’ – Series

Points: 250

Synopsis: “Determined to take revenge and prove his innocence in the murder of his sister, Álex sets out to unearth more than the real culprit of the crime.”

1. ‘The Serpent’ – Series

Points: 253

Synopsis: “In the 1970s, the ruthless killer Charles Sobhraj hunts down Western tourists making their way to South Asia. Inspired by terrifying real facts.”

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