On the occasion of the LGBT Pride March, Toudoum, the Télé-Loisirs editorial podcast dedicated to Netflix offers a selection of five programs to discover on the platform.

Through its series and many other programs, Netflix always seeks to offer diversity and inclusiveness to its subscribers. On the occasion of the LGBT Pride March which takes place in Paris on Saturday June 26, Toudoum, the Télé-Loisirs editorial podcast dedicated to Netflix, wanted to wear the colors of the rainbow flag to offer you a selection of the five best programs of the genre to watch on the platform. In the program ? Documentaries, entertainment shows and a stand-up show. No series however, we have chosen to discard them to come back to them, at greater length, during a future episode, because there would have been too much to say about it.

A Secret Love, a very touching documentary

Paul-Henri de Baecque, hidden behind the scenes when we recorded the podcast Toudoum each week, which is also the voice you hear at the start of each program, sat down this time in the guest’s chair to present his favorites to you. Starting with the very touching documentary A Secret Love, the love story between Terry and Pat, two women who hid their relationship for over 60 years and who came out to their family at over 80.

Singer Keen V unveils his favorite film

As every week, at the end of the program, we receive a guest, among the many actors, singers, artists or hosts subscribed to Netflix. Today the singer Keen V, whose new album Rêver was released in May, explains why he advises you to watch the film I Care A Lot, with Rosamund Pike and Peter Dinklage.

Where and when to listen to Toudoum?

Each week a new episode of the Toudoum podcast will be offered to you by the editorial staff of TV-Leisure. A guest, passionate about the theme mentioned in the episode, will advise you on his programs not to be missed on Netflix. At the end of each episode, a guest will have carte blanche to talk about their latest crush on the platform. This podcast can be found on Deezer, Spotify, Apple Podcast and all podcast platforms.

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