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“Summer of Soul (… Or, when the revolution couldn’t be televised)”

Start broadcasting: July 2nd

During the summer of 1969 – the same year as the Woodstock and Altamont music festivals – Harlem hosted a six-week outdoor concert series featuring some of the acts of R&B, jazz and gospel. most popular of the day. These shows were filmed, but the footage remained in a basement for 50 years, until the producers of the documentary “Summer of Soul” and its director, Ahmir “Questlove” Thompson, purchased the rights and put together a film. image that can hold up with the great concert films of the time. The performances of Nina Simone, Stevie Wonder, Gladys Knight, Sly and the Family Stone, BB King and many more are electrifying. But Questlove and her team also made the smart decision to interview some of the surviving participants and audience members, who speak of the spirit in the air that summer and are seamlessly and artistically integrated into the songs.

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1st of July

“The Mighty” Season 2


July 2nd

“Bill & Ted face the music”

July 9th

“Barb and Star go to Vista Del Mar”

“Growing Up” Season 4


“This Way Up” Season 2

July 15th

“American Horror Stories”

July 16

“Mc Cartney 3,2,1”

Start broadcasting: July 16

In this inventive sitcom, Cecily Strong and Keegan-Michael Key play a couple retreating to save relationships who roam a mysterious enclave where everyone behaves like in an old Hollywood musical. A mix of “Brigadoon” and “Groundhog Day”, “Schmigadoon! Follows these tottering lovebirds as they realize that they will have to rediscover their passion for each other – or find true love with someone else – if they are to escape this strange land of artificial sun and shows. In the meantime, they will also have to learn more about the singing and dancing inhabitants of their new home, performed by true Broadway stars such as Kristin Chenoweth, Ann Harada, Alan Cumming and Aaron Tveit.

‘Ted Lasso’ Season 2

Start broadcasting: July 23

This unpretentious and upbeat dramatic comedy about a novice English Premier League football manager was one of the nicest surprises of 2020, winning over fans with its mix of classic sports intrigue and culture shock humor. – both delivered with sophistication and unexpected twists. Season 1 ended in a major setback for Ted Lasso (played by Jason Sudeikis, who originally helped create the character for a series of TV commercials). Season 2 will draw on Lasso’s own story and the team’s troubled owner Rebecca Welton (Hannah Waddingham). This will be the continuation of what makes the series so easy to love, as it highlights good people who have been underrated, but who begin to flourish when they learn from each other and build on them. on top of each other.

Also arriving:

July 9th

“The Snoopy Show” Season 2

July 30

“Watch the sound with Mark Ronson”

“The white lotus”

Start broadcasting: 11 July

It’s been 10 years since writer-director-producer Mike White launched his formidable but too short HBO series “Enlightened”, an honest and refreshing comedy-drama about a middle-aged woman trying to change her entire value system. There are “enlightened” vibes in White’s new show “The White Lotus,” which follows the staff and guests of an upscale island resort. The ensemble cast includes Connie Britton and Steve Zahn as a well-meaning couple with self-centered children, Alexandra Daddario as the sweet bride starting to realize that her wealthy husband (Jake Lacy) is a child, and Jennifer Coolidge as the grieving woman. looking for a connection with a masseuse played by Natasha Rothwell (“Insecure”). Murray Bartlett (“Tales of the City”) is the hotel manager who tries to keep these customers happy while ignoring the most pressing issues of his underpaid and overworked staff.

“100-foot wave”

Start broadcasting: July 18

Surfing has long been a popular subject for documentaries, perhaps because there are few images more striking than that of a human standing on a narrow board, crossing a wall of water. The documentary series “100 Foot Wave” is particularly intense, as it follows the global chase to find and conquer a record swell. Directed by Chris Smith (best known for “American Movie,” “Fyre” and “Operation Varsity Blues”), the series features several of surfing’s biggest names, most of whom will be familiar to anyone who has watched documentaries like ” Riding Giants “and” Get Into The Cash. ” The main subject is Garrett McNamara, whose obsessive pursuit of greater waters leads him to become a wave evangelist near Nazaré, Portugal.

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1st of July

“No sudden movement”

“Tom and Jerry in New York”

July 8

“Gossip Girl”

July 12

“Catch and Kill: Podcast Tapes”

“Wellington Paranormal” Season 1

July 16

“Space Jam: a new legacy”

22nd of July

“Through our eyes”

“The pursuit of love”

Start broadcasting: July 30

Nancy Mitford’s 1945 novel “The Pursuit of Love” is a vivid description of the days of England’s “brilliant young people” between the first two world wars. This three-part miniseries has Lily James and Emily Beecham playing a pair of closely related upper-class cousins, sympathetic to what is expected of them as daughters and wives. The TV adaptation was written and directed by Emily Mortimer, building on the creative success of her semi-autobiographical sitcom “Doll & Em”. Like Mitford’s book, this series deals, on the surface, with the frivolities of courtship and social standing. But it’s also about how women cling to each other for protection and association in a culture dominated by wayward and sometimes brutal men. Mortimer tells this story in style, using anachronistic pop music and theatrical poses in a way that resembles the work of Wes Anderson and Sofia Coppola.

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July 2nd

“The war of tomorrow”

July 9th

“Leverage: Redemption”

July 15th

“El Cid” Season 2

July 16

“Make the Cup” Season 2

‘Monsters at Work’ Season 1

Start broadcasting: July 7

A spin-off of the charming and hilarious Pixar films “Monsters Inc.” and “Monsters University,” this new animated series follows a recent college graduate named Tylor Tuskmon (Ben Feldman), who joins the staff of Monsters Inc., but is disappointed to learn that the organization’s entire mission has gone from there startled children at the creation they laugh. The show focuses on Tylor and his fellow maintenance staff, voiced by Henry Winkler, Mindy Kaling, and Lucas Neff, among others, though John Goodman (Sully) and Billy Crystal (Mike) reprise their roles from the films.

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July 9th

“Black Widow”

July 21

“Behind the attraction”

“Turner & Hooch”

July 23

“Playing with sharks”


July 28

“Chip ‘n’ Dale: Park Life”

“Return the roles with Robin Roberts”

“The wonderful world of Mickey Mouse” Lot 2

July 30

“Jungle cruise”

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