After dealing with more off-screen drama than even happening in Mexico, the tides of Bachelor Nation have calmed down and “Bachelor in Paradise” will be back with a brand new season this summer.

Returning for the first time in two years, after the industry-wide COVID shutdown that halted production last year on “Bachelor in Paradise,” ABC’s summer series of guilty pleasure will launch its seventh season on August 16, bringing back a slew of fans – favorite albums that will continue their journey for love.

The new cast is made up of 19 singles from past “Bachelor” and “Bachelorette” seasons – which will then be joined by more contestants posing as surprise additions throughout Season 7 – at a romantic resort in Mexico.

The cast includes Abigail Heringer from the season of Matt James, who is the very first deaf candidate to be part of the franchise “The Bachelor”; Brendan Morais, finalist who resigned during the season of Tayshia Adams; Ivan Room, also from the Adams season, which had a stolen stage moment during a discussion on Black Lives Matter; Joe amabile, otherwise known as “Grocery Store Joe”, which was first featured in the season of Becca Kufrin, but subsequently appeared in season 5 of “Bachelor In Paradise”; Kelsey weir, which is perhaps most notable for a bottle of champagne that exploded in his face during Peter Weber’s season; Victoria larson, aka the “Queen,” who went on to become one of the most hated “Bachelor” villains of all time; and more.

Season 7 of “Bachelor in Paradise” will mark the series’ first time without Chris Harrison after his much-publicized departure from the franchise last month, which came after a mismanaged scandal where he defended candidate Rachael Kirkconnell, who was embroiled in a race-insensitive controversy. Harrison, who had hosted the franchise since its inception in 2002, left “The Bachelor” with a payout of $ 9 million, Variety exclusively reported.

No permanent host has been selected to take the reins of Harrison, yet.

In Harrison’s absence, the current season of season 17 of “The Bachelorette” is hosted by “Bachelorette” alumni Tayshia Adams and Kaitlyn Bristowe, but “Bachelor in Paradise” takes a more unique approach. Harrison will be replaced by a slew of famous hosts, including Lil Jon, David Spade, Tituss Burgess, Lance Bass and Wells Adams, a former “Bachelor” who will also return to his essential duty as “Paradise” bartender.

Take a look at the full cast for Season 7 of “Bachelor in Paradise” here:

Abigail Heringer from “The Bachelor” 25 (Matt)

Brendan Morais from “The Bachelorette” 16 (Clare and Tayshia)

Deandra Kanu from “The Bachelor” 24 (Peter)

Ivan Hall from “The Bachelorette” 16 (Clare and Tayshia)

Jessenia Cruz from “The Bachelor” 25 (Matt)

Joe Amabile from “The Bachelorette” 14 (Becca)

Karl Smith from “The Bachelorette” 17 (Katie)

Kelsey Weir from “The Bachelor” 24 (Peter)

Kenny Braasch from “The Bachelorette” 16 (Clare and Tayshia)

Husband Pepin-Solis from “The Bachelor” 25 (Matt)

Maurissa Gunn from “The Bachelor” 24 (Peter)

Natasha Parker from “The Bachelor” 24 (Peter)

Noah Erb from “The Bachelorette” 16 (Tayshia)

Serena Chew from “The Bachelor” 25 (Matt)

Serena Pitt from “The Bachelor” 25 (Matt)

Tahzjuan Hawkins from “The Bachelor” 23 (Colton)

Tammy Ly from “The Bachelor” 24 (Peter)

Victoria Larson from “The Bachelor” 25 (Matt)

Victoria Paul from “The Bachelor” 24 (Peter)

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