At the start of 2021, Netflix broke a new record. Across the world, more than 200 million people have subscribed to see the adventures of Arsène Lupine, The Witcher or La Chronique des Bridgerton. But, among these subscribers, many are those who share their account with relatives or friends. Recently, the streaming platform sent warnings to some subscribers. Soon that will no longer be possible. The financial impact of account sharing could play a major role in this change in strategy. Each year, Netflix would lose several billion, according to a study by Citi Global Markets, relayed by PhonAndroid.

Jason Bazinet, an analyst with Citi Global Markets, estimates that the company would lose 6.2 billion dollars per year, or 5.27 billion euros because of the account split. Netflix is ​​not the only victim of this situation. The study estimates that the overall shortfall for streaming service companies would be $ 25 billion per year, or € 21.24 billion. Asked by the site Media Play News, Jason Bazinet remarks that since “the platforms of streaming become more and more important, to thwart this theft will become more and more important”.

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Streaming account sharing has almost become commonplace. According to the Citi Global Markets study, 76% of subscribers confide in having shared their password with another household or with members of their family who do not live with them. The analyst suggests to Netflix to toughen its account sharing policy but also to offer a new subscription at reduced cost. According to him, these two factors combined could then increase the number of subscribers of the platform.

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