Even before the release of the second part of Lupine, Netflix was already announcing a future season. With (maybe) some clues about the future plot …

Assane Diop is back! Six months after the first part of his Lupine, greatly inspired by the work of Maurice Leblanc, Netflix unveils this Friday, June 11 the second part of the adventures starring Omar Sy. A long-awaited sequel, as the first part, broadcast last winter, was a hit all over the world. Having become the most viewed non-English series since the inception of the streaming platform, Part 1 of Lupine therefore leaves a comfortable place for part 2, which moreover provoked the debate in the drafting … Still the ingredients are the same, and that, some of their success, the producers have already announced a third part, which should be released in 2022.

A famous hero soon ridiculed by Assane Diop in part 3 of Lupine ?

But what could this new chapter be about? The rivalry between Diop and Pellegrini? It should be settled … The family history of Assane Diop? There too, the ghosts of the past should be appeased … To keep the interest of the spectators, the writers could therefore decide to completely change gear, and involve the great rival of Arsène Lupine in the stories of Maurice Leblanc: Herlock Sholmes! If this name sounds familiar and instantly recalls that of the famous British detective Sherlock Holmes, that’s okay. He is the carbon copy of the hero of Conan Doyle, which Maurice Leblanc had used in one of his short stories, Sherlock Holmes arrives too late, published in 1906. A “loan” which had provoked the fury of the English writer, and earned the Frenchman to rename his character. Especially since he had the annoying habit of being ridiculed by Lupine …

A nod from the creators of Lupine the possible arrival of Herlock Sholmes in part 3

The idea of ​​this confrontation has also already been mentioned by one of the creators of Lupine from Netflix, to the British magazine Radio Times. “There are ideas that revolve around this rapprochement, which I would be really happy to explore […] Having that kind of level of fun would be really cool, and it’s not something we haven’t discussed. “, he confided last February. What if the idea had come a long way since then? Because if one relies on the production’s habit of constantly slipping clues into their work, as they did with the announcement of the third season, attentive viewers will see a funny wink. in this part 2: while his son is sleeping, in the middle of the night, Assane Diop discreetly places a surprise on his nightstand, a copy ofArsène Lupine vs. Herlock Sholmes! One way to give him a head start, and help him understand the crazy adventures in which his father is constantly embarked? It wouldn’t be the first time anyway!

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