Netflix is ​​launching the “Play Title” feature. If you do not know what to watch, the platform will take care of randomly offering you a series or a film adapted to your tastes and your history.

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Credit: Netflix

Netflix continues to enhance the platform with new features. After integrating the automatic downloading of movies and series on the Android version of the streaming service, Netflix is ​​launching the “Launch a title” function this Wednesday, April 28, 2021. With this functionality, the company thinks of undecided users, who cannot choose from the vast, very vast catalog of the platform.

Fact, Netflix offers to let you guide with “Launch a title”. The principle is simple, by clicking on the tab, you authorize Netflix to suggest a movie or a series that might appeal to you. The selection is obviously based on the algorithms of the service, and therefore offers you content that may be of interest to you, depending on your viewing history. If the choices Netflix offers don’t kick you off more than that, just click the “Play a Title” tab again. Netflix will invite you to discover:

  • a new series and a new movie
  • a series or a movie that we haven’t finished
  • a series or movie on your watch list

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Let yourself be guided by Netflix

To make this feature easy to access, Netflix has placed the corresponding tab in several key places on the interface.. You will be able to find the command under your profile, in the tenth section of the Netflix home page and in the navigation menu on the left of the screen.

Rather than looking for your next program, let it come to you. Whether you’re in the mood to be surprised by a new movie, documentary or series, or find the comforts of a classic, click “Play a Title” and let Netflix do the rest. It’s that simple”, sums up Netflix in a blog post.

Finally, let us specify that subscribers who use screen readers will be able to take full advantage of the “Launch a title” function via text-to-speech. You will have to go to the Accessibility section of the Netflix Help Center to find “all information on activating this feature via your TV settings ”.

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