Black mirror failed to make everyone understand that science fiction is not just a fantasy to imagine the future and the world in the next few years. It’s also a way to explore the dark side of technology and what can happen if it gets out of hand and decides to take revenge on us. Sci-Fi is one of those genres that has a lot of possibilities and can be combined with other genres depending on your goal, it can be a comedy, a drama or even a romance, but movies like Alien, Fly, Frankenstein and Without a sound prove that when combined with horror, the result is explosive, addicting, and almost perfect (and almost because in reality there is no such thing as perfection). In Netflix’s case, there’s a good selection of scary sci-fi movies, and there are also a few series that use science, technology, and the digital world to tell their stories, proving that it isn’t. you don’t always have to have monsters, witches, and serial killers to leave audiences shivering with fear. Considering that one of Netflix’s most popular series is Stranger Things, it makes sense to think that the horror genre combined with sci-fi is one of the best places to start a marathon. Here are the must-watch horror and sci-fi series on Netflix:

Into the night

In this Belgian series, the end of the world comes when the sun rises, which for some strange reason seems to be the cause of the deaths of millions of people around the world and the only protection is darkness (or night ). With this in mind, a desperate soldier hijacks a plane (no, not like DB Cooper) and forces the pilot and passengers to fly from town to town, always at night, until they find the reason for the problem and, hopefully a safe place where they can survive.

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