The popularity of Spanish-language series on Netflix cannot be denied. As in April, we find in particular the Mexican production “Who killed Sara?”, Whose season 2 was launched on May 19, in second position of the most popular programs of the month of May according to FlixPatrol. The Spanish series “Innocent”, adapted from the novel by Harlan Coben, takes first place.

Note also the success, on the film side, of two French comedies recently added to the platform: “MILF”, feature film from 2018, which takes ninth place, and “Babysitting 2”, from 2015, which comes to eighth place. The most popular film of the month is “The Mitchell vs. the Machines,” a critically-acclaimed American animated feature film that has visibly caught its audience.

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FlixPatrol uses the top 10 updated daily by Netflix by giving a number of points to each movie and series according to its place in the ranking. By adding these points, the site can give a trend over a period ranging from a week to a year.

Based on data from FlixPatrol, Business Insider France has compiled a top 10 comprising both films and series which, while it does not accurately show how many people have watched them, gives an indication of which most popular programs of the month.

Here are the most popular movies and series in France on Netflix in May:

10. ‘The Woman at the Window’ – Film

Points: 104

Synopsis: “An agoraphobic psychologist living cloistered in her home becomes obsessed with her new neighbors across the street, and the appalling crime she witnesses from her window.”

9. ‘MILF’ – Movie

Points: 117

Synopsis: “Three friends in their forties go on a trip to the South to forget their sorrows … and rediscover their power of seduction with charming young men.”

8. ‘Babysitting 2’ – Film

Points: 122

Synopsis: “Franck wants to ask Sonia to marry him and meets his future father-in-law in Brazil. But nothing goes as planned when his crazy friends go on an excursion.”

7. ‘The Serpent’ – Series

Points: 166

Synopsis: “In the 1970s, the ruthless killer Charles Sobhraj hunts down Western tourists making their way to South Asia. Inspired by terrifying real facts.”

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6. ‘Shadow and Bone: The Grisha Saga’ – Series

Points: 168

Synopsis: “Dark forces are conspiring against orphan cartographer Alina Starkov, but her extraordinary power could change the fate of her warring world.”

5. ‘Mitchell vs. Machines’ – Film

Points: 175

Synopsis: “Their road trip was hampered by an apocalypse of robots. The fate of Humanity now rests on them: the Mitchell’s, the most eccentric family in the world.”

4. ‘Jupiter’s Legacy’ – Series

Points: 195

Synopsis: “They’re the first generation of superheroes, but as they pass the baton on to their children, the tension builds and the rules of yesteryear are forgotten.”

3. ‘Sexify’ – Series

Points: 196

Synopsis: “To create an innovative sex app and win a contest, an inexperienced college student and her friends must explore the intimidating world of female pleasure.”

2. ‘Who killed Sara?’ – Series

Points: 210

Synopsis: “Determined to take revenge and prove his innocence in the murder of his sister, Alex sets out to unearth more than the real culprit of the crime.”

1. ‘Innocent’ – Series

Points: 260

Synopsis: “After having accidentally killed a man, he plunges into a tragic spiral. But as he finally finds love and freedom, a phone call comes to rekindle his nightmare.”

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