Are you a fan of The Last Kingdom series? The end of Season 4 showed the Saxons’ relentless preparation for their battles against the Vikings.

In season 5 of The Last Kingdom, you could finally see the final outcome of the battle. In the meantime, fans would like to know its release date. To answer you, the article will present all the information on the subject.

What will season 5 of The Last Kingdom be about?

The series has been on screens since 2015. Yet it had its ups and downs before Netflix picked up the sequel. The last Kingdom is taken from the literary work of Bernard Cornwell. The author has written several volumes.

The story chronicles the tales of Uhtred who had to choose between his people and those with whom he grew up. Season 5 will describe the stories in Volume 9 titled “The Storm Warriors”. It is therefore probable that season 6 will also see the light of day to similarly show volume 10 on video. Based on the latter, the showrunners could choose the title “The Flame Carrier”.

At this rate, we should already expect other additional shows, because the books even include a volume 12. On the other hand, could the producers go beyond season 6? You should wait a few years to find the answer.

The Last Kingdom season 5 is confirmed

After the launch of season 4 of the Tv series on April 26, 2020, Netflix was happy with the expected result. Thanks to this worldwide success, the production house hinted at a possible sequel 3 months after the broadcast.

Alexander Dreymon then backed up the claim on his Instagram account. The actor plays the main character of the series (Uhtred). He was proud of his role in the show. So Alexander Dreymon could not avoid selling the wick. Indeed, he has already disclosed the information to his playmates.

For its part, Netflix maintained the suspense. The video-on-demand platform only spoke of a strong chance of renewal. This is of course a strategy that aims to first estimate the enthusiasm of the fans before a formal confirmation. If, by chance, viewers were no longer interested in the work, the series could be canceled.

When is The Last Kingdom season 5 coming out?

Season 5 of The Last Kingdom will consist of 10 episodes. It is already in the process of gestation. The viewers will then be able to see the continuation of the thrilling saga for the year 2021. You will see more precisely the first episode of season 5 at the end of the year. That said, the exit is conditioned by the evolution of the coronavirus. If the health situation does not change, the shooting could be impacted. As a result, you might only be able to reconnect with the series in 2022.

As for the characters, there are no rumors from the producers yet. What is certain is that you will see the actors of season 4 again. And since the battles are often cruel, you must already prepare for losses.

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