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Okay, maybe you (finally) have something else to do! Since Wednesday and the second phase of deconfinement, the French no longer lack activities. Starting with going to the restaurant, and no longer just on the terrace. A reopening so expected that Philippe Etchebest had called not to watch the Top Chef final live! Things are better for moviegoers too. A first phase was opened at the end of May with a level limited to 35% and the ban on the sale, and therefore consumption, of popcorn or ice cream. After a first week, the results of which had been encouraging, attendance had stagnated. Lovers of dark rooms may still be numerous to invest their favorite places, with new less restrictive measures since the middle of the week. But you may still have some concerns. Or you love your home, the sofa and the remote control. No problem, Netflix is ​​here. After a very busy cinema schedule lately with in particular Oxygen by Alexandra Aja with Mélanie Laurent or Army Of The Dead by Zack Snyder, the platform is still heavier this week. The event is obviously the inevitable season 2 of Lupine, the series with global success, still worn by Omar Sy. Other novelties are also on the program. And for those of last week it’s over here.

The original series

Lupine – Part 2 (June 11): Wanting revenge on Pellegrini, Assane destroyed his own family. Cornered, he is forced to devise a new plan to eliminate Pellegrini. Even if it means putting oneself in danger.

Elite : Short stories – Guzmán Caye Rebe (June 14): Rebe organizes a small housewarming party with friends, but the situation gets out of hand with drugs and with the arrival of expected visitors.

Elite : Short stories – Nadia Guzmán (June 15): Back in Spain for her sister’s wedding, Nadia is not sure she wants to see her boyfriend Guzmán, with whom she has a long-distance relationship.

Workin ‘Moms – Season 5 (June 15)

Elite: Short Stories – Omar Ander Alexis: Season 1 (June 16): While in remission himself, Ander decides to spend the summer helping Alexis, his chemo partner, withstand his treatment.

Cape of the penguins – Season 1 (June 16): A charming town in South Africa is the scene of the annual reunions of endangered penguins, coming to start a family and mingle with the locals.

Katla – Season 1 (June 17) Synopsis: A year after the eruption of a subglacial volcano, the melting ice reveals mysterious prehistoric elements with unexpected repercussions.

Elite : Short stories – Carla Samuel (June 17): Samuel tries everything at the airport to persuade Carla not to board her flight to London.

Black Summer – Season 2 (June 17)

Atiye – Season 3 (June 17)

Original Movies

Skater Girl (June 11): A teenage girl living in the Indian countryside discovers a passion for skateboarding and embarks on a path strewn with pitfalls to realize her dream of competition.

The documentaries

Free your mind (June 15): Choose your meditations, relaxation exercises and stories to fall asleep through this interactive portal presented in association with Headspace Studios.

Cape of the Penguins – Season 1 (June 16): A charming town in South Africa is the scene of the annual reunions of endangered penguins, coming to start a family and mingle with the locals.

Films and series for children

The Dragon Genie (June 11): While wishing to reconnect with his childhood best friend, Din meets a dragon capable of granting wishes and who reveals the magic of possibilities to him.

Nursery Rhyme – Season 2 (June 15): Always so inventive, the Pâquerette and Paul duo are back to solve new problems as a team and in song, with their nursery rhyme friends.


Trese: Between two worlds – Season 1 (June 11): In Manila, where mythical creatures of Filipino folklore hide among humans, Alexandra Trese does not hesitate to pit herself against the underworld.

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