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Fans ofElite have been waiting for it for months: the arrival, on June 18, of the fourth season of the Spanish series. After an explosive season 3, marked in particular by the murder of Polo (Álvaro Rico) and the serious illness of one of the main characters, it is time for a change in Las Encinas. If five of the major players from the first seasons will not return to high school, four new students will make their comeback, bringing with them their share of mystery, crazy rumors and romantic intrigues. Are you excited too?

The original series

The Rational Life: Season 1 (06/18): Favoring reason over emotions, a thirty-something is torn between two very different men as she fights against injustice at work.

These Incredible Vacation Rentals: Season 1 (06/18) : Limited budget, in a spending mood or in need of a new roof? Three travelers who travel the world exchange their tips for short stays.

ELITE Season 4 (06/18) : Las Encinas welcomes a director adept at firmness and four new students who bring their share of mystery, crazy rumors and romantic intrigue.

Nevertheless: Season 1 (06/19 at 6:00 p.m.): She doesn’t believe in love but wants to be in a relationship. Romantic relationships bother him but he likes to seduce. Will they be able to find their happiness?

The Sinner – season 3 (06/20)

High Tension Seduction: Season 2 (06/23): A new season brings together hot new singles in a slice of heaven. With 100,000 dollars at stake, who will be able to remain chaste?

The Naked Director: Season 2 (24/06): Now promoted to “Emperor of Porn”, Toru Muranishi always aims higher, but his ego and his limitless ambitions could well cause his downfall.

The original films

A Family (06/18): Enlisted young in the ranks of the yakuza, Kenji swears loyalty to his leader and promises him to respect the traditionalist code of this family despite a changing world.

Jagame Thandhiram (06/18): When a skillful and carefree gangster is recruited by a foreign underworld baron to take out a rival, the moral dilemmas that ensue take him by surprise.

Kenshin: The Completion (Part 4) (06/18): When a terrifying enemy attacks Tokyo, the looming battle risks exposing some of Kenshin’s best-hidden secrets.

An Unpaired Dad (06/18): After the death of his wife, a new father (Kevin Hart) takes the reins of the most difficult job in the world: that of parenting. Inspired by a True Story.

Good on Paper (23/06): A comedian and actress in the making falls under the spell of a young financial executive who seems to have it all. But is he really that perfect?

La Casa de las Flores: The Movie (23/06): The De La Mora children concoct a formidable plan to break into their old family home and recover a hidden treasure of the utmost importance.

New films available

Black Snake: The Legend of the Black Snake (06/21): In Africa, in the 1970s. Clothaire Sangala, who claims to be a surgeon in Paris, visits Papi, his Chinese grandfather, an expert in martial arts. Seductive, a little too concerned about his appearance and cowardly, Clothaire chooses to flee when a doctor is attacked before his eyes by the mercenaries of Ezechias, the dictator who runs the country.

The documentaries

Murders on the Costa del Sol: the Wanninkhof-Carabantes Affair (06/23): In 1999, Rocío Wanninkhof, 19, was murdered. Her mother’s former partner is accused of the murder, but is she guilty? A second victim relaunches the investigation.

Three Sisters in the Starting-Blocks (06/24): Three young homeless sisters living in Brooklyn struggle through adversity in search of hope, recognition and a brighter future.


GODZILLA The Origin of the Invasion: Season 1 (06/24): Reunited by a mysterious song, a student and an engineer fight an extraordinary creature whose devastating power could destroy the world.

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