It’s confirmed ! Ginny & Georgia will be back on our screens. This series is one of the most watched series and has attracted nearly fifty million subscribers around the world.

The Netflix streaming platform has officially announced the renewal of the series. It should be released within a few months.

A summary in case you haven’t watched the series yet

This is a TV series aimed at all audiences, it talks about the daily life of Ginny, a 15-year-old teenager who is still going through a teenage crisis, and her young mother Georgia. These two heroines settle in the small town of Wellesbury in the United States to try to live a new life.

This series is full of humor, but it is also very touching and realistic at the same time, since it tackles essential themes such as sexual arousal, violence, racism, etc.

The script also features Abby, Georgia’s friend who is a victim of eating disorders. It also tells the story of Max, the young lesbian who is trying to get into a romantic relationship. So, what does season 2 of the Ginny and Georgia series have in store for us on Netflix?

Some information on season 2 of Ginny & Georgia

At the end of Season 1, Joe learned that Georgia was married to a man who mysteriously disappeared right after the wedding. This person is Antony Green, this story could destroy the life of the young girl. This therefore means that the series cannot stop there, it deserves a renewal!

The scenario for season 1 has been entirely imagined by the authors. The latter is also eager to write new episodes. However, renewal still depends on hearings. For the moment, the platform has already produced ten episodes in order to analyze the popularity of the series.

But it is certain that it will achieve excellent audiences like the case of the first season. In addition, the latter is highly regarded internationally. It is very likely that the release date of season 2 of the series Ginny and Georgia will be in March or April 2022 on the Netflix streaming platform.

Ginny and Georgia season 2 what will be the intrigues

Many questions remained unanswered in the last episode. Ginny has discovered that it is her mother who is responsible for the death of Kenny, who is her stepfather. So she decided to run away with her little brother. How will Ginny and Marcus’ story become? Will Georgia and the mayor’s wedding take place?

It is obvious that the two heroines Brianne Howey and Antonia Gentry will still remain in the series as their arcs are not over. However, the platform has announced the arrival of new faces in Ginny and Georgia season 2. Filming is expected to begin in the coming months.

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