Netflix is ​​generally a fairly reserved platform when you provide statistics on your rejections. As is logical, it reveals successful cases and hides productions that do not have good numbers. However, there is another reliable source such as the prestigious Nielsen consulting firm, which reports precise figures and in the last hours surprised by information: the most watched series is neither Lupine nor Elite. What is it about?

In fact, what the survey found were the best firsts on the platform in the United States and This is why the data for the week of May 24-30 was taken. The numbers correspond to minutes seen on a television screen, which means international viewings and other devices are not counted.

Lucifer and a record audience on Netflix

In this setting, by far the most fan-chosen series was Lucifer. The show with Tom Ellis premiered Season 5, Part 2 on May 28 and achieves nothing less than 1,300 minutes viewed. Netflix has not officially revealed how many people have watched the new episodes, but according to Nielsen, they were successful.

The Supernatural Show topped other major titles such as Zack Snyder’s long-awaited film Army of the Dead (786 million minutes) and TV classics such as Grey’s Anatomy (633 million) and Criminal minds (616 million), which in the United States are available in the catalog. The Kominsky method (495 million) and Jurassic World: Cretaceous Camp (470 million) were the other series that followed in the rankings.

Statistics provided by Nielsen They constitute a benchmark for assessing audience levels in the absence of specific and public measurement data.. Currently, Netflix displays any content from its library with just two minutes of tuning. As of yet, he has never shared Lucifer’s real numbers.

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