As TV 7 Days It was announced to you in preview and exclusively on September 24, TF1 is about to celebrate the tenth anniversary of The Voice with an All Stars season. Zazie, Mika, Jenifer, Florent Pagny and Patrick Fiori will make up this jury, which is exceptionally made up of five coaches. Nikos Aliagas obviously remains in charge, and former outstanding candidates of the ten seasons of The Voice, the most beautiful voice and the seven seasons of The Voice Kids.

It is in a few months, next fall, that the front page will broadcast this special season, and shorter than the previous ones, to celebrate the ten years of adventure of its iconic tele-hook launched in February 2012. In the meantime, check out the trailer! For several years, TF1 has been raising the bar a little higher each season by offering aesthetic and grandiose trailers. This is of course no exception to the rule and features the coaches climbing in the middle of Paris a giant panel with the logo of The Voice, near the Eiffel Tower, in front of a building where the candidates run up the stairs to reach the roof, before Nikos Aliagas plugs in the cables that allow the logo to sparkle. This trailer, to discover below, is a very successful revisit of the credits of the famous mini-series Hollywood by Ryan Murphy and Iann Brennan on Netflix.

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