The white lotus launches its first dark and comical curve right out of the door.

In the opening Sunday scene Enlightened The limited six-part series from HBO author Mike White, an intensely dark and classically handsome dude named Shane Patton (played by Office alum Jake Lacy) is sitting alone at a Hawaiian airport when a curious couple begins to tell him about their travel plans. He reluctantly discloses that a murder took place at The White Lotus complex where he was on his honeymoon with his new wife, and that the corpse is transported to the plane he is waiting to board. When busy people ask him where his wife is, he abruptly ends the interrogation, which in turn raises this tantalizing question: is it Mrs. Patton the victim ?!

Before we can get a response, the action returns “a week ago”, to Shane and his other half Rachel (Why do women kill‘s Alexandra Daddario) white glove, maritime themed finish at the Lotus Blanc. On this fateful day, a family of five (plus a friend) also leads a family of five (plus a friend) led by A-list executive Nicole Mossbacher (Friday night lights MVP Connie Britton) and neurotic husband Mark (Tremeby Steve Zahn), as well as the mindless grieving heiress Tanya McQuoid (the inimitable Jennifer Coolidge).

We are also introduced to a handful of White Lotus employees, including the hardworking manager of the Armond complex (Looking at‘s Murray Bartlett), Spa Director Belinda (Precarious‘s Natasha Rothwell) and Lina (Orange is the new black‘s Jolene Purdy).

White, who wrote and directed all six episodes, spends much of the opening hour getting to know the new guests, including Shane and Rachel. The honeymooner’s journey starts off hard when Shane – who, twist !, is super-titled asshole all time, not just at airports – becomes singularly, psychotically focused on proof that White Lotus management has knowingly relegated them to an ocean-view presidential suite versus the honeymoon suite with deep pool that they have. had been promised.

“Forget the other room,” Rachel later pleads at her hubs. “Let’s just enjoy our honeymoon.

I call him : Yes Rachel indeed turns out to be a teased victim in the prologue it was death by suicide.

Meanwhile, Coolidge’s Tanya – who travels with the soon-to-scatter ashes of her late mother – is singularly, psychotically focused on a massage. All the therapists are booked for the evening, but Belinda de Rothwell – realizing the madwoman isn’t going to take no for an answer – offers to give Tanya a weirdly told craniosacral instead. The unorthodox treatment goes so well with the grieving socialite that she begins to crush Belinda hard, which hopefully portends more Rothwell / Coolidge magic in the next five episodes.

Nicole and Mark are going through a crisis of their own; the latter suspects that he has cancer of the “testis”. This calamity is brought to our attention via a very close-up of Zahn’s genitals (or his double). “Are are they bigger? Nicole wonders out loud, Britton’s hilarious and unfazed line of eyes now in the direct path of her husband’s junk on TV. “It’s been a while since I saw them.

To distract himself from his possibly ill cobblers, Mark takes Nicole’s suggestion and spends the day scuba diving with their gamer-obsessed son, Quinn (Underground Railroad‘s Fred Hechinger). It becomes evident that the diversion has not succeeded when Quinn asks her father, “Why do you keep looking at your dk?” “


Lina, a newbie White Lotus employee, tries hard not to give birth on the first day of her new job. Her mission fails when she goes into labor in the lobby, creating an unprecedented crisis for her boss Armond.

A top contender for my favorite scene from the episode: Olivia, Nicole and Mark’s deeply cynical daughter (Euphoria‘s Sydney Sweeney) and her best friend Paula (Star‘s Brittany O’Grady) lead a poolside cross-examination of a cruel riot of (possibly) a dead woman who was walking Rachel.

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