On Netflix, it’s not just the new programs that are really hot and / or that you have to watch as quickly as possible. There are also some “older” documentaries which are real nuggets. Demonstration with Three Identical Strangers, translated into French by Three identical strangers. This 1h37 documentary from Great Britain and which tells an American story dates from 2018. It was not until three years later, thanks to Netflix therefore, that it took off all over the world. This documentary by Tim Wardle centers its action on Edward Galland, David Kellman and Robert Shafran. A priori, no link between these three men. Except that they are the same age and they look a lot alike. In reality, these are triplets. But each of them was not aware of the existence of the other two until adulthood. There, you understand that the history of this trio can be crazy. Devilishly it will be.

Three identical strangers was presented at the famous Sundance Festival in 2018 and received a special jury award. Who could not contain his surprise at the life of these three men which will be turned upside down forever when each, at the age of 19, will realize that he has two brothers. Because past the surprise and happiness of these improbable encounters, they will seek to understand why. Why did they raise separately? Why didn’t their parents tell them? Who made sure these three brothers never saw each other? What they are going to find out is going to be totally crazy. We are careful not to tell you their story and the incredible fate that awaits them. We can just tell you that from David Kellman’s meeting with Edward Galland at Sullivan County University, not far from New York, not everything that is going to happen does not seem real. Nothing you can imagine is going to happen, it’s bound to be even crazier than you might expect.

Since its release on Netflix in early June, Three identical strangers unleashes the passions of subscribers. Twitter reactions are unanimous. Everyone is captivated by the happiness of triplets to find each other and then shocked by the reasons for their separation at birth. Between joy and sadness, passion and incomprehension, this documentary will make you spend a simply lunar moment. But very real.

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