Recently, Netflix gave its loyal subscribers some very sad news about season 2 for The Lady’s Game.

In terms of saga or series, Netflix is ​​among the platforms where you can find a large number of them and of the best quality.

Rumors are circulating about the Lady’s Game season 2 series

Telling the story of Beth Harmon, Lady’s Game ranks among the top ten series the French adore. Indeed, since its creation, the series, Le jeu de la dame, has fascinated all viewers. This is perhaps due to the fact that it features chess games that turn out to be quite realistic.

The first season was a real hit with viewers. The latter impatiently await the arrival of the series The game of the lady season 2. To end all the debates, Netflix comes out of its silence and provides details on the possible season 2 of the TV series The game of the lady .

According to the channel, this season will come to the end of its nose very soon. But, this announcement did not delight fans. Indeed, this famous season 2 of the Lady’s Game is slow to arrive. To calm viewers, Netflix disclosed the reasons for making it just one season.

Why not season 2 for the series The Lady’s Game?

In the series, you will have the opportunity to admire your favorite star Anya Taylor-Joy. Indeed, it is the actress who plays the main role in the series. According to Netflix, The Lady’s Game will be a one-season series. The house added that it was mostly a mini-series. In other words, it can only be done in one season. It is for this reason that she considers it unnecessary to proceed to the realization of a season 2.

The lady's game
The lady’s game

To help Internet users understand the reasons for the end of the series, William Hoberg and Anya Taylor-Joy accepted the invitation from Town and Country. This executive producer and actress made it clear that the saga ended with a euphoric end.

This announcement has aroused many opinions from viewers and funs of the saga. Many of them were disappointed with this announcement and how the story turned out. Most people who follow sagas like Lady’s Game crave a story with a sequel and a very crisp ending.

But, this is hardly the case for the Lady’s Game season 1. Moreover, the one they are entitled to turns out to be too short. If some insist, others of Internet users have resigned themselves and mentioned the fact that it is indeed better to stick to a single season.

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