Building on the success of the German series Dark, Netflix has put the cover back on with a new series at the crossroads of genres, between post-apocalyptic thriller, science fiction and horror drama. Entitled Katla and based in Iceland, she is inspired by the constant anguish that Icelanders feel that the volcano of the same name wipes out their island. On October 12, 1918, for example, Katla erupted and covered Iceland with a gigantic mantle of ash, also causing one of the biggest floods in the country’s history. Here, the threat becomes reality and ravages the small neighboring village of Vík, which after the volcanic accident becomes the scene of strange phenomena and disappearances. A year later, the few inhabitants who remained in the village, exposed to the toxic clouds, are shaken by the mysterious arrival of a young woman presumed dead since the eruption. Then begins a long quest to find out what really happened to the missing Vík.

Directed by Icelandic Baltasar Kormákur, who is not at his first attempt since he has already signed the series Trapped in 2015, Katla shows Iceland and its sumptuous landscapes in a dark and gloomy light, to the rhythm of a sinister, oppressive soundtrack. Season 1, eight episodes long, has been available on Netflix since June 17.

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