To keep it simple, let’s say that the second part of Who killed Sara? is completely crazy. Which is not necessarily a compliment. It is even in this case a rather big flaw since the scenario becomes totally improbable, the ubiquitous scenes succeeding the crazy scenes. While the series imagined by José Ignacio Valenzuela, a Chilean, had conquered us during season 1, it leaves us more than perplexed and circumspect in this second part. Without letting go of this sordid affair because our dearest wish is obviously to finally find out who killed this famous Sara that everyone will discover in full and across throughout the eight episodes of this season 2 (ten for the first). Like us, a good number of subscribers, not only in France, have resisted the temptation to end the Sara chapter prematurely. With the difference that they loved it. Really loved it.

Netflix subscribers are passionate about this soap opera, for this rich Lazcano family where they are all crazier than the others and stuffed with neuroses, for this handsome Alex, played by the Colombian Manolo Cardona, who drags like a burden his sadness and resentment, for this hot Mexican atmosphere with suspense. Each episode has its twists and turns, even its twists and turns, its betrayals, its discoveries and its deaths. Prepare to be surprised, you are not at the end of your sentences if you quickly want to know who could have killed Sara. Fortunately, the end of this season 2 will bring you some happiness. Episode eight is like the second part of Who killed Sara? : improbable, incredible, unthinkable, impossible. We would almost ask for more!

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