On June 11, the last five episodes of season 1 of Lupine were finally unveiled on Netflix. The second part of the series was shot last fall in the midst of a pandemic, including the fifth and final episode shot at Châtelet! Indeed, director Hugo Gélin has worked hard to ensure that the constraints imposed by health measures have no effect on the image. If the bet was taken up hands down, it was not easy …

Questioned by our colleagues fromAllocine, Hugo Gélin indeed revealed that for safety, only 150 extras had been authorized to fill the room which is however equipped with more than two thousand seats! But Covid-19 requires, we had to redouble our imagination so that the Châtelet – which was closed during the second confinement – appears full to the brim on the screen. “It was a crazy fight. (…) The ideal would have been to have at least 500 people“, he declared. For the illusion to be perfect, it was therefore necessary to move the spectators during each change of axis of the cameras, in order to occupy only the seats visible in the field during each of the shots. A big challenge, given the length of the footage!

If the Palace of Versailles had been considered for a time, the Châtelet was more symbolic. (Warning, spoilers!)It was a former prison. (…) The prisoners were tried at the concierge, just opposite, and there was a tunnel that went under the Seine to reach the prison. I found it ironic that Assane finds himself surrounded by cops in this former prison“, explained the director.

Hugo mallais

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