On Netflix, programs come out every week: new series, old films, unpublished documentaries, in-house productions… Each country draws its weapons and that makes, most of the time, good audiences. Today, Netflix has over 200 million subscribers in nearly 200 countries. The “revenue” potential is therefore enormous in the “profits” balance of the streaming platform. Which does not rest on its laurels.

In a press release dated June 10, Netflix confirmed a rumor heard for several weeks: there will indeed be a Netflix e-commerce site. It’s called Netflix.shop and as the name suggests, we’re going to be able to shop there. And not just any shopping since they are products derived from the platform’s flagship programs. It starts with anime hoodies and t-shirts Yasuke and Eden, as well as clothing and decorative items from the French series Lupine.

Netflix also indicates the highlighting of little-known designers (for the moment): Nathalie Nguyen, Kristopher Kites and Jordan Bentley. “We’re excited to give fans a new way to connect with their favorite stories and introduce them to the next wave of artists and designers who are embracing the power of storytelling in all its forms.” Says Josh Simon, VP Consumer Products at Netflix. Who can already rub their hands since this site of derivative products is likely to be a big hit. Even if the prices will not be given. It takes 45 dollars for a t-shirt or a cap Eden, 55 dollars for a sweatshirt and 130 dollars for a Yasuke Haruto clock for example.

If you like the “Eden” series, you will like the fashion collection offered by Netflix.© Netflix

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