Catch a predatorChris Hansen found himself in the spotlight he normally reserves for the subjects of his stories on Thursday: A Michigan judge issued an arrest warrant after Hansen failed to appear in court.

“It’s the dumbest thing I’ve ever seen. It was a complete administrative disconnect, ”the TV host told The Daily Beast. “This notion of ‘Hansen skips an audience’ is not true.”

The arrest warrant arose out of what Hansen described as a breakdown in communication about a court appearance that began with defense attorney.

News that a prominent journalist known for covering sensitive and high-profile legal matters could soon be arrested himself raised alarm bells across the country, but Hansen said the snafu was far more commonplace than the headlines. let him think.

“No one is hiding. No one dodges or dodges. No one was non-compliant, ”he said. “There was never a criminal complaint, it was just a matter of not being notified in time.”

Hansen, who owns residences in New York and Michigan, participated in an attack in October 2020 that resulted in the arrest of three men accused of arranging to meet underage girls for sexual purposes. Unbeknownst to Hansen, he had been subpoenaed to appear in court over the video of the operation, he said. The defense for one of the men, Michael Lott, emailed Hansen’s New York attorney around 4:30 p.m. Wednesday about a hearing to be held at Shiawassee County Circuit Court some time ago. 650 miles away at 8 am the next day. Lott’s attorney was asking that the video of the injection be admitted as evidence at trial, and the hearing would decide whether this was relevant material.

Hansen’s attorney was unable to reach the defense that evening. When he rang the next day, the defense lawyer was on his way to court and could not answer the appeal. When Hansen’s lawyer called the court himself, he learned that his client had already missed the hearing and that an arrest warrant had been issued for Hansen.

With an arrest warrant against him, Hansen hired a local attorney, Clint Perryman, and flew to Michigan. He appeared in court early Friday morning.

The atmosphere in the audience was “friendly,” said Hansen. He called it a “non-event”. The parties have agreed to an order stating that Hansen will deliver the video in 14 days. The judge understood the misunderstanding and, once the order was signed, quashed the arrest warrant.

When asked if he thought the defense had planned a hasty hearing as a ploy to embarrass Hansen and slander the prosecution, Perryman, Hansen’s attorney in Michigan, said, “It usually isn’t. not something you do when you ask someone to deliver something. I don’t think it was a dirty tactic on the part of the defense to discredit the prosecutor or to embarrass a public figure like him.

Little surprises for Hansen after 40 years of catching predators on TV.

“It’s part of the job of a journalist who does this kind of work. It was a little mystifying that people were jumping all over the place on something that seemed so routine. It was absurd, “he said.” I understand that being the guy covering predator stories leads to lightning rod issues, but that’s just plain absurd to me. “

Hansen also made headlines in early 2019 after being arrested for robbery for allegedly writing $ 13,000 in bad checks. The charge was later dropped after his lawyer was able to prove to a judge that Hansen paid what was owed.

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