Netflix launches season 4 ofElite this Friday, June 18. New episodes without plots, with too many sex scenes. Disappointing !

Fans have been waiting for a long time: the unseen season 4 of the Spanish series Elite land on Netflix this Friday, June 18, after having previewed short stories since June 14. A season 4 which introduces many new characters, including Télé-Loisirs presents the performers here. But will they succeed in saving the series after the departure of several of the historical actresses? Not sure ! As you will discover in this new episode of Toudoum, the Télé-Loisirs editorial podcast dedicated to Netflix, our two big fans, Benjamin and Thomas, who follow the series and its actors from the beginning, were very disappointed by this fourth season.

Too many daring sex scenes in season 4 ofElite on Netflix

Yes Elite has always focused on sex scenes, this fourth season pushes the cursor even further. She multiplies scenes often even very daring, in a series however mainly intended for an adolescent audience. Enough is enough ? Elite, already renewed for a season 5 in which a French actor will participate, should it definitively close the page? Do the new characters in season 4 manage to save the rest, and especially completely non-existent storylines? These are the questions we answer in this episode of Toudoum. At the end of the program, for the carte blanche of the week, the host Camille Combal takes you on a totally different register, with his favorite series to discover on Netflix.

Where and when to listen to Toudoum?

Each week a new episode of the Toudoum podcast will be offered to you by the editorial staff of TV-Leisure. A guest, passionate about the theme mentioned in the episode, will advise you on his programs not to be missed on Netflix. At the end of each episode, a guest will have carte blanche to talk about their latest crush on the platform. This podcast can be found on Deezer, Spotify, Apple Podcast and all podcast platforms.

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