After starring in a remake of “The Untouchables,” stand-up comedian Kevin Hart is once again trying his hand at drama (with a hint of comedy) for Netflix. Unfortunately, as a widowed and resilient papa hen, he is drowning under diapers … good feelings.

How heroic this grieving daddy is! He doesn’t need the help of two other men to take care of a bassinet: against all odds, but especially against the advice of those around him, he swaddles, bottles and cradles with all his might. In the twenty-first century, in the mind of director Paul Weitz, only a widower can take care of such degrading tasks, incomprehensible to ordinary people.

The intention is undoubtedly laudable: to show, in hollow, how strong and courageous women are, while promoting father’s education. To illustrate this, we add the flashback force of the late wife, adorned with all the qualities of a good modern mother, like her orphan daughter (whose atavism is repeatedly rehashed). Kevin Hart, who puts on the sad clown costume for the occasion, in fact, tons of self-sacrifice and self-sacrifice. It has flaws, of course, because it’s not just a perfect diaper changing machine, but its teaching effectiveness borders on perfection.

Supporting roles well felt

Paul Weitz, used to teenage pantalonnades and light romcoms (American Pie, For a Boy), lazily tries out the whiny drama here. Everything seems too easy for the hero dad: a few words, a hand on the shoulder or a hug are enough to dry his little girl’s tears. Apart from a few well-felt jokes (mainly thanks to the supporting roles played by Lil Rel Howery, Anthony Carrigan or Paul Reiser) and the performance of the very young Melody Hurd, fabulous, the whole is a boring flatness. If we really want to rub shoulders with the pangs of motherhood, without male glorification, we will turn to the excellent Tully (2018), by Jason Reitman, where Charlize Theron beautifully embodies true maternal exhaustion. Without a trumpet, and without a super husband.

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