Today, video-on-demand platforms have exploded. They all count several tens of millions of subscribers and call into question the current system of distribution of films in theaters. If you are still not subscribed to Netflix, Disney + or even Prime Video, it is possible to do so directly from an internet subscription. For example, the Free boxes all offer an optional direct subscription to these VOD platforms for a few euros per month. Some offers even include, basic, Netflix, Prime Video and Disney +. Want to know more ? You are on the right page.

Box de Free: Disney + offered for 6 months for any Freebox Pop subscription

The Freebox Pop is one of the best fiber offers from the Internet service provider Free. This is particularly what we notice when browsing several internet box comparators. In addition to being relatively inexpensive, it incorporates very interesting advantages. For only € 29.99 per month for one year then € 39.99 monthly, the subscriber benefits from some of the highest fiber speeds on the market. In addition, like all Free boxes, the latter is non-binding. An additional positive point that will succumb to many users.

Free Freebox Pop Box

The Freebox Pop from the French Internet service provider is one of the best fiber boxes on the market.

Fiber optic internet box.

from€ 29.99

02 90 22 53 56

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If a customer is looking for a high-performance internet box delivering higher fiber speeds than most subscriptions on the market, he can turn to the Freebox Pop without hesitation. Indeed, the latter allows to benefit froma shared download speed of up to 5 Gb / s. The fact that it is shared means that on an Ethernet port, the subscriber can benefit from a maximum of 2.5 Gb / s, 1 Gb / s on two ports and 500 Mb / s in WiFi. When sending, it benefits from a speed of up to 700 Mb / s.

As for the TV offer, the Free box has had a makeover. From the new OQEE by Free interface, the user has access to more than 220 channels. In addition, as a novelty, 6 months of Disney + subscription are offered for any subscription to the Freebox Pop. Something to make young and old happy. If he wishes to prolong the pleasure, he can subscribe to the service for 8.99 € / month. Likewise, the Netflix and Prime Video platforms are available as an option. Thus, the user can watch Netflix on his Freebox.

Finally, being an internal box triple play, the Free box also includes the unlimited telephony. Thus, subscribers can call without limit from France, the overseas departments and certain international regions. Calls to mobiles and landlines are unlimited in France and abroad.

The strengths of the Freebox Pop:

  • a promotional price for one year;
  • some of the highest fiber speeds on the market;
  • a rich and complete TV offer;
  • Disney + offered for 6 months;
  • Netflix and Prime Video optional;
  • unlimited calls to landlines;
  • a subscription without obligation.
Netflix offers at Free

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Watch Netflix, Prime Video and Disney + with the Delta Freebox

Still on the Free box side, there is also the Delta Freebox which is doing well. Indeed, for an additional € 10 per month compared to the Pop version, subscribers have basic access to Netflix and Prime Video. Thanks to the current promotion, the subscription is € 39.99 per month for the first year and € 49.99 monthly thereafter. Just like the first box with TV, it does not require any commitment from the customer.

Free Freebox Delta Box

TV package for internet box.

from€ 39.99

02 90 22 53 56

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In terms of connection speed, the very high speed internet box is strong. According to the ISP, it even has the fastest fiber technology in the world. The subscriber can thus benefit from a up to 8 Gb / s for downloading and 700 Mb / s for sending. Something to delight gamers all over France who can download the largest games in a few tens of minutes. To ensure the good performance of the Internet connection provided by the Frebox Delta, the user can test his fiber speed.

The Freebox Delta is also doing very well in terms of its TV offer, in particular becauseit includes a basic Netflix Essential, Prime Video and Canal + Séries subscription for one year. The TV offer is supplemented by Freebox TV and TV by Canal which give access to more than 280 channels. Something to satisfy fans of television shows, series and even films.

Finally, the telephony offer is the same as that of the Freebox Pop. However, many other advantages transform this fiber internet subscription. The design of the box was made by Jasper Morrison, so it fits perfectly into a modern decoration. In end of many home automation devices are optionally available to secure his home.

What to remember from the Free box?

  • A price of 39.99 € / month for one year.
  • An offer without commitment of duration.
  • A download speed of 8 Gb / s.
  • A rich TV offer of 280 channels.
  • Netflix and Prime Video included as standard.
  • Unique design by Jasper Morrison.
  • Many other options available for sale.
Watch TV on your phone.

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