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Universal achieved the biggest national box office opening in 18 months with F9debuted last week, and now the studio is hoping to take the top three weekend spots over Independence Weekend with the release of The Boss Baby: family business and The purge forever.

F9 should easily stay in # 1 in his sophomore year, even considering the nature of the franchise. As part of its $ 70 million debut, the film lost 25% on Saturday and just 20% on Sunday, in line with pre-release expectations. Its current trajectory indicates that a second drop of at least 60% of the weekend will be in store, potentially up to 70% due to the distorted holiday framework (which in turn is expected to increase many revenue on Monday. when holidays are observed at federal level).

For reference, 2017 The fate of the furious slipped 61% and that of 2019 Hobbs & Shaw decreased by 58 percent in their respective second frames.

As mentioned, Universal is releasing two additional new releases to the summer market this weekend, but with very different strategies behind them. A24 also sends Zola in semi-wide release at 1,468 theaters in hopes of attracting the attention of the independent market, while Searchlight Pictures will distribute Summer of the soul in 752 locations.

Calendar alignment is an intriguing consideration this weekend as the July 4th public holiday in the United States has not landed on a Sunday since 2010, when The Twilight Saga: Eclipse and The last air Master bowed midweek as part of a long weekend. In this still rebounding market, it’s hard to expect trends similar to the year when most stocks saw steep declines due to both openings and the holiday timing.

With limited and fresh high-profile content and moviegoers continuing to return at an increasing rate, a number of films could post solid retention revenues this weekend. This weekend also has the chance to see the entire top ten of films making at least $ 1 million over three days, which has not happened since March 13 through March 15, 2020 (the last week -end before room closures).

Breakdown of this week’s new releases, followed by the holiday weekend forecast:

The Boss Baby: family business
Opening weekend range: $ 13 – $ 23 million
National total range: $ 40-80 million


  • The 2017 original film was somewhat of a dormant success as it fell to $ 50.2 million in North America, only to cash in on $ 175 million (part of a worldwide transport of $ 528 million). .
  • The return of Alec Baldwin in the lead role, along with Amy Sedaris and Jeff Goldblum, once again provide attractive star attractions for parents.
  • While few animated releases hit theaters during the pandemic, those that largely provided key support to the exhibit as audiences stepped out and made films like The Croods: A New Age, Tom and Jerry, and Raya and the last dragon among the most successful during the worst months of the pandemic and nascent stages of recovery.
  • Very little competition for families with young children in the current market should be beneficial down the road. It will also share premium screens in many cinemas alongside F9.


  • The move to a hybrid release model has complicated box office predictions, especially considering that this is a first for the Peacock service and a high-profile theatrical release. There will inevitably be some cannibalization of box office performance.
  • Peter Rabbit 2The softer-than-expected opening a few weeks ago calls into question parents’ eagerness to bring young children back to the movies in recently reopened markets, as those under 12 are not yet eligible for vaccines.
  • Many families who want to spend the holiday weekend with friends and relatives for their first July 4th celebrations in two years may decrease initial demand.

The purge forever
Opening weekend range: $ 6-11 million
National total range: $ 14 – $ 26 million


  • Across four films, this Blumhouse horror / thriller franchise has exceeded all expectations with over $ 285 million in domestic revenue on combined budgets of just $ 35 million pre-market.
  • As an exclusive theatrical release, there will be no home streaming component on opening weekend to diminish the initial box office performance.
  • Staying in tune with the times, this film once again plays on the tense political climate of the real world, an element which should appeal to the core of fans.
  • Given the recent success of A Quiet Place, Part II and The Conjuring: The Devil Made Me Do It, horrors and thrillers have so far (mostly) lived up to predictions that genres will be key short- and long-term players in the box office recovery after pandemic shutdowns.


  • Genre franchises tend to peak after a handful of sequels. We naturally wondered if this entry would present diminished returns even before the pandemic forced its delay compared to last summer. The previous movie, 2018 The first purge opened at $ 31.3 million in five days (compared to 2016 The purge: election year which posted an almost identical amount of $ 31.5 million in just three days).
  • The muted performance of Spiral: From the Book of Saw in May further underlines the franchise weariness potential for long-running genre series such as The purge, while questioning the mood of moviegoers right now after the tragedies, controversies and challenges of the past two years. Is the kind of movie that someone outside of the more specialized core of the franchise’s base is ready to shoot and see right now?
  • Presales didn’t start until late in the pre-release window, but initial trends reflected Spiralpre-release demand and had a very advanced trend towards Thursday night previews. The franchise is prone to healthy business activity, but despite the studio’s expectations of at least $ 10 million (and our own previous range of $ 10-15 million), we’re now bracing for a potential underperformance.
  • Overall, marketing penetration and social media footprint are significantly lower than previous ones Purge movies.

Conclusion: Except upheaval, F9 is the frontrunner to win its second domestic box office as the United States celebrates Independence Day this weekend. Universal goes one step further by providing a variety of content for the returning audience with the release of The Boss Baby: family business and The purge forever a weekend that will likely represent the calm before a storm when Black Widow debuts July 9.

This weekend vs last weekend

The top ten box office projects of this weekend will be decrease between 27 and 37 percent of the top ten total of $ 97.1 million last weekend, which was a record high in the era of the pandemic.

Weekend forecast

Movie Distributor 3-day weekend forecast Indoor total projected until Sunday July 4 Number of locations % change since last weekend
F9: The quick saga Universal Images $ 25,000,000 $ 118,000,000 4,203 -64%
The Boss Baby: family business Universal Images $ 16,300,000 $ 16,300,000 3,640 NEW
The purge forever Universal Images $ 9,600,000 $ 9,600,000 3 051 NEW
A Quiet Place, Part II Paramount Pictures $ 4,600,000 $ 144,800,000 2 826 -26%
The bodyguard of the hitman’s wife Lionsgate $ 3,300,000 $ 31,800,000 2,582 -32%
Peter Rabbit 2: The Fugue Sony Pictures / Colombia $ 3,200,000 $ 35,400,000 2 954 -33%
Cruel Walt Disney Pictures $ 2,900,000 $ 77,000,000 2380 -24%
Zola A24 $ 1,600,000 $ 2,500,000 1,468 NEW
The Conjuring: The Devil Made Me Do It Photos of Warner Bros. $ 1,500,000 $ 62,300,000 ~ 1,700 -50%
In the heights Photos of Warner Bros. $ 1,200,000 $ 26,600,000 ~ 1.375 -46%

All forecasts are subject to change prior to the first confirmation of Thursday previews or Friday estimates from studios or alternative sources.

* revised upon confirmation in studio of the number of weekend locations

The number of theaters is updated as confirmed by the studios.

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