If you liked the Netflix movie In the rhythm, then the new Netflix original series Jiva! must definitely be your next watch as this dance series keeps growing in popularity.

Jiva!, starring Noxolo Dlamini, presents a beautifully diverse cast that does a great job of balancing discussions of social justice issues and pursuing his lifelong dream. The series is powerful, ambitious, and has tons of feel-good moments that will melt you away. Everything you need to know about this original series can be found below. Check it out!

What is Jiva talking about on Netflix?

Jiva! follows the story of a girl who dreams of becoming a professional dancer. To be taken seriously, she enters a dance competition with her other talented friends, and just when she’s about to embark on the path of pursuing her biggest dream, tons of voices disapproving of his dreams begin to fill his head.

The disgruntled voices of her family, the intimidating voices of her competitors, and the voices of fear in her head are all things she must overcome to make her dancing dreams come true. will she be victorious? Learn more about the official synopsis via Netflix here:

A talented street dancer from Umlazi, Durban must face her fears and her family’s objections to pursue her dancing dreams.

The cast of this series includes actors and actresses that you will have the pleasure of meeting with Stella Dlangalala, Tony Kgoroge, Sne Mbatha, Candice Modiselle and Noxolo Dlamini, all of whom will perform as your main cast. Check out the official trailer featuring this incredible cast below.

You won’t want to miss a single second of this Netflix original series, and you don’t have to! Watch every episode of Jiva! Season 1 streaming right now, only on Netflix!

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