What is the film “Oxygen” with Mélanie Laurent worth?

Oxygenis the title of Alexandre Aja’s new film, which will be available from May 12 on Netflix. A science fiction film with Mélanie Laurent, in a highly not recommended for claustrophobes!

Imagine, you wake up covered with a shroud, which you manage to extract to discover that you are in a sort of futuristic sarcophagus, clad in electronics. You don’t know what you’re doing, you don’t know who you are and your only ally is a computer whose synthetic voice tells you that your oxygen reserve keeps dropping dangerously.

This is the starting point of this gasping thriller in every sense of the word, signed Alexandre Aja, French prodigy of fantasy and horror cinema, gone to shoot in Hollywood the remakes of The hills Have Eyes and Piranhas or the very successful Crawl with hungry crocodiles.

The scenario of Oxygen reached him 2 years ago but the story, which shows in particular Humanity decimated by a mysterious disease, took on its full meaning last year. “It starts off as a claustrophobic movie and finally it takes on another dimension with a almost existential reflection. And obviously when the pandemic started and we found ourselves confined, the scenario took on a much more unfortunately realistic dimension. And what was anticipation and sci-fi became what we lived day to day and a necessity, for me as a filmmaker, to realize in any case “, confides Alexandre Aja at the microphone of RTL.

Mélanie Laurent performs a real performance

And so it’s Mélanie Laurent, who embodies this mysterious woman, locked up alive, asking herself a thousand unanswered questions. Oxygen moreover quite quickly becomes much more than a simple science fiction film, approaching metaphysical questions on identity, sacrifice, rebirth. The actress embarked on the adventure just a year ago.

Mélanie Laurent realizes a real performance in the film. She is almost alone on screen for two hours, cloistered in a cramped setting, filmed lying down, going through all the emotions. A real gaming experience. “What an incredible chance to have the opportunity to play all of this, to show all those emotions. It was a physical challenge to spend 5 weeks, and not 3 hours like in the movie, in a box. This character of Liz is overwhelming, every time I read the script, I was crying“, says the actress.

Mélanie Laurent, impressive in the very successful “Oxygène” by Alexandre Aja with also the very freaking voice of Mathieu Amalric who lends his to Milo, the computer.

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