Do you feel it summer is coming? Us, completely! Especially when we start to see the month of June fill with new Netflix and series sequels that we have been waiting for a while. Because yes, in June the Spanish Elite series will resume service with a new start. And who says new back to school means new faces but also new problems 😉

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Lovers of Italy will also be delighted to learn that Summertime will be back on the beaches with a season 2 that promises to be more glamorous than ever.

June 1

Black holes: at the edge of knowledge
StartUp – All seasons
Heidi – Season 2
The Real Housewives of Atlanta
Once upon a time .. the Super mini monsters
Married to medicine – Season 2
The Octonauts – Season 4
The midnight murderer
A crazy bet
Seven Souls in the Skulls Castle: Season Waxing Moon
Seven Souls in the Skulls Castle: Season Waning Moon
Welcome to Zombieland
At the end of the tale
Extreme challenges
Robin Hood: Prince of Thieves (With Kevin Costner)
Gold Statue
Stuart little
Ready Player One
Resident Evil: Vendetta
Peter Rabbit: all seasons

June 2

Summertime – Season 2
I’m (Endless like the space)
A Neapolitan in New York
Suspicious death of a minor
The tree with hooves
We don’t mess with the stars
Vivere: in the footsteps of Villorio de Sica
Daddy’s private secretary
Commandos, the hell of war
The Lady
One lost, six found
Everything to find you
Rosa Pietra Stella
Se Lo Scopre Gargiulo
Anti-mafia squad
My dear and tender
Last light of day
Go ahead, I follow you
Who is without sin?
The other jakub

June 3

Pretty Guardian Sailor Moon Eternal: The Movie
Dance with the queens
Creator’s file
Alan Saldana: Encarcelado

June 4

Sweet tooth
Sweet & Sour
The World Within Us – Season 1
Our planet has its limits: the science alert
We don’t stop the Kandasamys anymore

June 5

Vikings – Season 6 Episodes 1 to 10

June 8

Catching up

June 9

It Crisp – Season 1

June 10

Trese: Between Two Worlds – Season 1

June 11

The genie dragon
Lupine – Part 2
Skater Girl

June 14

Elite Short Stories: Guzmán, Caye, Rebe

June 15

Elite Short Stories: Guzmán, Nadia
Believe me: kidnapped by a killer
Comptinie-les-oies – season 2
Taken 2
Taken 3
A monster in Paris
Workin ‘Moms – Season 5
Headspace: free your mind
The main course – Season 1
The Lady
Beyond evil

June 16

Suits – Season 9
The cape of the penguins
Elite Short Stories: Omar, Ander, Alexis Padman
Law School – Season 1
A man for the week-end
Paolo Bordellino: next on the list
Aldo Moro, the teacher

June 17

Atiye – Season 3
Elite Short Stories: Carla and Samuel
Black Summer – Season 2
Ali and Ratu Ratu queens
Valkyrie Apocalypse

June 18

Elite – Season 4
An outstanding dad
Jagame Thandhiram
The future
These amazing vacation rentals – Season 1
Not Even Bothered – Season 1
Mobile Suit Gundam:
– Movie I Special Edition
– Movie II Soldiers of Sorrow
– Movie III Encounters in Space
– Char’s Counterattack
A family
Kambili: Towards thirties
Kenshi: completion
Not Even Bothered – Season 1
A family
The rational life – Season 1
Kambili: towards the thirties

June 19

Nevertheless – Season 1

June 20

The Sinner – Season 3

June 22

This is Pop – Season 1
Shall we dance

June 23

Good on paper
High Tension Seduction – Season 2
La Casa de las flores: the movie
The agency: luxury real estate for families
Murders on the Costa Del Sol: the Wanninkhof-Carabantes affair

June 24

The Naked director – Season 2
Three sisters in the starting blocks
Jiva! – Season 1
The seventh day

June 25

Sex / Life
The A List – Season 2
Signed Satyajit Ray – Season 1

June 26

Wonder Boy, Olivier Rousteing, born under X

June 27

Deadwind – Season 2

June 28

The Seven Deadly Sins: Dragon’s Judgment

June 29

Black Lightning – Season 4
StarBeam – Season 4

June 30

America: the movie
Chronicle of a murder: the case of Toscan du Plantier
Somos – Season 1
Mad for each other – Season 1
Prime Time
The daily life of the immortal King
Seven women
Our pope
The legend of Tang
Goodbye, Saigon
Cesare Lombroso: the dark side of an anthropologist
Enzo Avitabile music life
Seven women

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