It arrived on Netflix less than a year ago and is already a hit for its plot. The daring type, which follows the lives of three friends under the age of 30 who work for a magazine called Scarlet, which has a feminist and thoughtful look and who, while being a topic already widely explored on the small screen, perfectly details how They should to fight against the abuse of the labor force and discrimination because of their status as women.

New York, the most populous city in the United States, is where it takes place The daring type and the one that shows the speed of life in New York for these three friends, named Kat, Sutton and Jane, who put their lives and well-being before anything else. With four seasons already available on Netflix, the strip was much compared to Sex and the city, although, he did not fall for the cliché.

The protagonists of The Bold Type.  Photo: (HULU)

The protagonists of The Bold Type. Photo: (HULU)

It is that beyond these questions that it touches and being a series of young feminists, the fiction based on Cosmopolitan magazine does not forget the key issues of today such as the MeToo movement, harassment virtual, female pleasure and homophobia, among others. But, even though The daring type has become the new craze of the streaming giant, there is still a season left.

The series, which arrived on Netflix with only four editions, is about to complete the transmission of its fifth installment. It will be next Wednesday at 10 p.m. when the last chapter of the story will be published for the first time and, it is for this same reason that the strip is much closer to the streaming platform, a place that has managed to launch it. globally and where many fans expect it.

When is the fifth season of the Bold Type premiering on Netflix?

There is still no date confirmed by the on-demand service, but everything indicates that the publication of the new episodes could come this year. According to the schedule that Netflix managed in terms of series in general, after its completion on TV, It could be added to the platform’s catalog later this year.

Although, if not in this way, the incorporation of the final season of The daring type the streaming giant would not go beyond the first half of next year. Like the first three seasons, the latter had eight chapters, unlike the fourth which had 16.

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