The streaming service Netflix will renew its content library with new series and films arriving in July 2021, and one of the most anticipated announcements for viewers in Argentina has been the revival of the Okupas, directed by Bruno Stagnaro. This fiction was released on television in October 2000, with acceptable audiences, but it was over time that it became a resounding success. To see when it arrives!

This eleven-episode mini-series revolves around the story of Richard, a middle-class boy and three casual friends: El Pollo, Walter and El Chiqui, accompanied by his dog Severino. The four have in common an old dilapidated house, where they take refuge and lead their adventures, which have contact with drugs, crime, loyalty and the value of friendship.

As we mentioned, had its official launch over twenty years ago on the state channel, with a good average audience. Considering the success, the following year it aired again, but this time with a special chapter 12 where they took a behind-the-scenes look at the production. In 2002 it was reissued, for the third time in a row, but he no longer has good numbers.

What ends up being converted Squats in a cult program was that, although it could no longer be seen officially on television, the episodes were posted on various YouTube channels, although of poor quality. This is why en 2020, the platform officially announced that it will be re-released and fully remastered with a better picture. Check Out What The Trailer Looks Like!

+ When does Okupas premiere?

According to the platform’s latest official report on social networks, Squats will hit Netflix user screens on July 20. We will have the protagonists: Rodrigo de la Serna (Richard), Diego alonso (The chicken), Ariel staltari (Walter) and Franco Tirri (El Chiqui), with the new soundtrack of Santiago Motorized, since they will have to replace the English music previously used for rights reasons.

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