After announcing earlier this month that they identify as Korean, a non-binary British person is receiving backlash for undergoing numerous “transitional surgeries” to appear Korean.

Oli London, a singer and Instagram influencer, reportedly paid over $ 150,000 for plastic surgery to look like K-Pop band member Park Ji-Min.

On June 18, London revealed that they “identify” as Korean and would use the “neopronoms kor / ean and ji / min” in addition to the pronouns “they / them”.

According to Daily mail, London has had numerous surgeries since 2013, including several nose jobs, eye modification surgery called blepharoplasty, chin reshaping, as well as skin bleaching “to help my skin look more Korean” .

“I’ve been having surgery since 2013, when I decided I wanted to look like Park Ji-min from Korean boy band BTS, traveling all over the world to Korea, Poland, China to do it,” London said.

They posted a rainbow-themed LGBT South Korean flag: “This is my new official flag for being a non-binary person who identifies as Korean. Thanks for the overwhelming support, it was so hard for me to go out like them / they / korean. “

After receiving negative reactions to the post and their actions, London wrote: “So sad how many of the comments are homophobic and not binary. This is in fact the official LGBTQI + flag of South Korea … GOOGLE IT. Anyone who gives a negative comment is anti-LGBT and anti-equality. So sad in 2021 that people will judge other people by how they identify with themselves! “

London continued to respond to the backlash on Friday, writing on Twitter: “If you can be trans, you can also be TRANSRACIAL. Why is there so much double standards and hypocrisy with people criticizing me for being Korean. It’s the same as someone who was born in the wrong body and wants to become a man or a woman. In fact, I was born in the wrong body! “

They even called on conservative figures Tucker Carlson and Sean Hannity, both of Fox News, to defend them from “awakened trolls and bullies.”

London also addressed their revelation in two YouTube videos, slamming people “awake” and urging others to no longer treat them as Brits, but as Koreans.

“I have been very trapped in my body for so long. I identify with Korean culture, I have lived in Korea, I speak the language, I have the Korean look now, I have the looks completely Korean. If you hadn’t let her know who I was, you would just think I was Korean. Not a man or a woman, just a person, “London said in a video posted on June 26. .

London addressed the controversy on Thursday, posting on Instagram: “I just want to set the record DIRECTLY… It’s pride month and I’ve always had identity issues and I’ve been confused about who I am as a person. I made the tough and courageous decision to come out as a non-binary and Korean to help millions of other LGBTQI + young people around the world, Kpop fans and Koreans feel safe enough confidence not to be afraid of being able to express themselves and how they identify. “

In response to their most recent video, some Twitter users mocked London, while others urged London to get professional mental help.

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