Season 4 of Stranger Things, eagerly awaited by fans, will it be the last for the Netflix series? Words from actor David Harbor seem to support this theory.

Almost two years after the previous salvo aired, season 4 of Stranger Things is still waiting on Netflix. It will therefore be necessary to plan to seriously refresh your memory before the new episodes go online. But should we also prepare to say goodbye to the heroes to whom we have become attached? Season 4 of Stranger Things could it be the last in the series? In any case, this is what the actor’s words suggest David Harbor, the interpreter of sheriff Jim Hopper, whose state of health leaves little doubt in the first images of season 4.

David Harbor evokes “a definitive end” in season 4 of Stranger Things

According to the actor, who shared tender secrets about his marriage to singer Lily Allen, season 4 of Stranger Things implements “a definitive end”. If the release date of the series has not yet been announced, the actor has given some details on these new episodes, which will finally come out of the city of Hawkins and make the young heroes grow. “The scale of the season is greater, it’s a first thing, said David Harbor to the Collider site. In terms of scale, even the simple fact that we’re no longer in Hawkins, the scale is bound to be larger. We will introduce new things but we close and put an end to certain directions to have a final, clear, clean and specific end at a certain point, which I cannot speak too much about. “ Does the actor evoke the death of a character for example? Or the end of the upcoming series?

David Harbor promises “a great and beautiful season” to fans of Stranger Things

“Season 4 is my favorite, he added. I love it. The scenarios only got better. The creators started Season 1 off really well, being intimate of sorts, which was good. And then they took off in lots of directions which offers lots of theories to fans, but the writing is still so special, specific, no matter what they do, every season is extraordinary. But this one even more. It’s a great and beautiful season. I can’t wait for people to see it. ” This will make fans want even more!

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