Since June 17, 2021 is with “Ragnarok Record” Valkyrie Apocalypse a new sci-fi fantasy anime on Netflix available. Valkyrie Apocalypse Soon a season2

So far, the work seems to be going relatively well, because at the time of writing this article the series is in Germany. fifth place of the most watched content currently on the streaming service. But how are they Chances for a 2nd season of the manga adaptation?

Valkyrie Apocalypse: Is The Animated Series Coming For A Second Season?

The good news for fans of the animated series is that this one probably not only started successfully in this country is, but apparently also in other countries in the Netflix Top 10 could take by storm (via Whats On Netflix). Additionally, the fantasy series has only implemented a fraction of the story so far, so it would still be enough material available for other seasons. These are the circumstances of the fans I hope for a sequel are allowed to do.

However, a 2nd season of “Record of Ragnarok” not yet officially confirmed. For this reason, the future of the series is currently still uncertain.

In addition, Netflix has in the past several successful and popular projects after only one season abandoned, for example because the production was too expensive or the series ultimately did not meet internal expectations. So nothing is set in stone yet. Nonetheless, there are of course arguments for a second season that could eventually convince Netflix.

What is Record of Ragnarok (Valkyrie Apocalypse) about?

Advised in the fantasy story the gods on the fate of humanity. Ultimately, they choose to eliminate the humans, but a Valkyrie defends the mortals. She proposes to decide her fate in a major tournament in which 13 gods against 13 human warriors compete.

Thor in the manga “Valkyrie Apocalypse” / © 2017 Shinya Umemura, Takumi Fukui, Ajichika / Tokuma Shoten

The underlying manga series so far eleven edited volumes understands, appears in Japan since 2017. The work is a joint effort of the two authors Shinya Umemura and Takumi Fukui and the mangaka group Ajichika. The manga is currently not available in Germany. For the anime adaptation, it draws Studio Graphinica (“Helsing: Ultimate”) directed by Masao Ookubo.

The anime “Valkyrie Apocalypse” currently consists of 12 episodes and is exclusive to netflix available.

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