Who to play Bernard Tapie? The answer was unveiled by the “Premiere” site this morning. It is the actor Laurent Lafitte who will lend his features to the main character of “Wonderman”. The series will tell the story of the businessman and former boss of OM, from his beginnings as a TV host to his arrival in government.

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“‘Wonderman’ will be a biopic on humans”

At the origin of this funny project: Netflix, which will try to reproduce the success of its French creation, “Lupine”, but this time, by taking an interest in a politician. Created by Olivier Demangel (“Atlantique”, “Baron Noir”) and Tristan Séguéla (“Doctor?”), “Wonderman” will be produced by Bruno Nahon (“Mytho”, “So be they”, “Louise Wimmer”) and should see the light of day in 2022 on the American streaming platform. For now, the shooting of 6 episodes of 45 minutes is scheduled between March and summer 2022, says “Premiere”.

The official synopsis says: “From singer to businessman, from minister to prisoner, Bernard Tapie has known it all. Through its successes and failures, ‘Wonderman ‘ traces the romantic fate of an extraordinary public figure“. The series will cover twenty years of the life of the businessman, but is not intended to be an adaptation, rather a fiction.”We will be more in fiction than in documentaries. We try to put ourselves in his skin, his emotions, but also by telling the stages through which he went. ‘Wonderman ‘ will be a biopic on man, freer than a biopic of facts, with a very strong subjectivity. It’s our gaze on its trajectory“, says the director.

A long-standing project

But this project is not very recent. Tristan Séguéla remembers that the idea was born on the set of the film “16 years or almost”, almost 10 years ago: “The series was born in the dressing room of this film that I was shooting with Laurent. We both thought he looked incredibly like Bernard Tapie. We thought about it around the same time“. At the time, he told the actor about his desire to do”a fictional project dedicated to myth, Bernard Tapie“, and this one was very receptive. Both of them thought that one day they will carry out this project together.”Meanwhile, with Olivier Demangel and Bruno Nahon, we worked on another project and that’s where we actually talked about making a series around Bernard Tapie. That was 9 years ago …“, says Tristan Séguéla.

For now, Tristan Séguéla and Olivier Demangel are leaving until the end of the year to finalize the script for the biopic, while leaving the door open to a potential second season: “Considering the life of the main character, we say to ourselves that it could continue. Now we made the series stand on its own. Both are possible …“.

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