In the penultimate edition of SmackDown from inside the ThunderDome, WWE delivered one of the best televised matches of the virtual fan era when Kevin Owens met Sami Zayn in a Last Man Standing match.

Owens and Zayn engaged in a brutal war that saw the two slip through the tables and be beaten and bruised not only for dominance in the final match of their long saga, but also for a place in the match. Money in the Bank scale. After splitting their matches at WrestleMania and Hell in a Cell, Owens claimed the big win in the rubber match, forcing Zayn to stay on the ground for the count of 10.

CBS Sports was with you all night long with recaps and highlights of all the ThunderDome action inside the Yuengling Center in Tampa.

Kevin Owens defeats Sami Zayn in Last Man Standing match

Kevin Owens beat. Sami Zayn in a Last Man Standing match for a place in Money in the Bank. Owens went right after Zayn from the opening bell, knocking him out of the ring and throwing him around the ring. The battle continued outside the ring, with Owens slamming a swanton from the ring barricade on Zayn on the ground. Things changed when Owens tried to squeeze Zayn through the announcers table, only to be thrown there by Zayn. Owens stacked two tables on the ground and tried to superplex Zayn through them from the third rope, but Zayn pushed him back. The tables came into play soon after, when Zayn pushed Owens off the third string. Owens managed to stand before the count of 10, however, and the game continued.

Zayn hit a series of Heluva Kicks but Owens again managed to beat the count, this time slipping off the ring apron and standing on the floor. Owens hit a pop-up powerbomb, then a stunner. He then bombarded Zayn through the announcement table, another table, and then onto the ring apron, ultimately getting the count of 10 to win the match.

Owens and Zayn have a rare chemistry when in the ring together, so comfortable and experienced with each other that it constantly creates magic. With added stakes and time given, they did it again. Even the finish was something special, Owens ending up using the same electric bomb on the apron he delivered to Zayn when Zayn was the NXT champion and Owens made his debut. Note: A

Edge brutalizes Jimmy Uso

Edge opened the show with an in-ring promo, saying WrestleMania was meant to be the culmination of its 10-year history, returning from retirement to win the Roman Reigns Universal Championship. When that didn’t happen it rocked him and made him think back to the game and how close he had gotten if Daniel Bryan wasn’t in the game and the interference from Jey Uso. Now, however, he knows he can beat Reigns one-on-one – and that Reigns knows the same.

Jimmy Uso took to the show telling Paul Heyman that he would take care of the affairs of Reigns – who had not appeared on the show – and that he would face Edge to end the show. Edge later said he knew the situation could only lead to an attack and a two-team situation when Reigns entered the scene. At the end of the show, Uso called Edge into the ring and Edge said Reigns had set a perfect trap. The perfect trap for Uso. Uso and Edge scrambled until Edge locked him in a crossface, forcing Uso to type despite not being a match. Edge then delivered a spear and went for a chair, snapping off a piece and shutting down the show using it to lock Uso into another crossface.

More great stories are beating in Roman Reigns’ career-defining career – and without Reigns even appearing on the show. Edge has one of the best promotions in the entire locker room and did it again at the start of the show, and showed a great wicked streak in the closing beating.

What else happened on WWE Raw?

  • Shinsuke Nakamura and Big E won. Baron Corbin & Apollo Crews via pinfall when Big E hit Corbin with the Big Ending. Corbin’s car was picked up during the match, causing a distraction that saw Big E score the victory.
  • Bianca Belair challenged Bayley to an “I Quit” match at Money in the Bank. Bayley said she had never given up on anything in her life and would stop competing altogether if she lost the match.
  • Liv Morgan beat. Zelina Vega via pinfall. Zelina Vega made a surprise comeback, as Sonya Deville greeted her in the ring and announced that she would be in the Money in the Bank ladder match. Morgan, seeking to prove she belongs in the ladder match, demanded a singles match, ripping off a handful of pantyhose for the pin.
  • Seth Rollins argued with WWE officials over Edge receiving a title shot. He was shot during his attempt, but was told he could face Cesaro next week with a Money in the Bank spot on the line.
  • Otis def. Angelo Dawkins via pinfall with a Vader bomb after a second rope splash.

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